Goodbye, anonymous reviews.

Beespoke is the word of mouth directory of recommendations from friends and neighbours.

Your local vet knows an "outstanding dog walker"

Your neighbour just found "the best cleaner"

Fellow primary school parents know "super nannies"


A network of local heroes bringing us together to make local communities great again

Beespoke is driven by a collection of exceptional leaders like you, empowering their local communities by putting good people in touch to make more fulfilling, more durable and more responsible decisions.

Recommendations are the bedrock of our community.

Beespoke is a big and diverse circle of trust, made to feel small and familiar. That's why both members and professionals must be recommended by the community to join. It never hurts to be too cautious though, so our team does its homework too.

Access granted upon member recommendation

Verified professional insurance and certifications

Professional ID checks with our partner Onfido