Introducing the Local Heroes behind Beespoke

Beespoke exists to help locals live more carefree, and make more fulfilling, more durable and more responsible decisions in their day to day, with the invaluable help of friends and neighbours. 

From where we stand, Beespoke is a healthier, more sustainable alternative in how we all use technology everyday - and most relevantly, a way of strengthening the not so tightly-knit communities we live in, but often don’t feel we “belong” to. Let’s change that.

Join us on this adventure as a Community Leader to help the people around you, those you care about, discover and share more by putting good people in touch.

Who is this for?

Certain people are born leaders, genuinely interested in people and community, and gifted at facilitating connection and generating energy thanks to a mix of charisma and experience. We’re looking for volunteer local leaders to inspire, support, and empower your local community of members. 

Community Leads are the cornerstone of our grassroots initiative: by bringing people together, they are the engine of collaboration, trust and personal growth in their online and offline community! These leaders are interested in creating collaborative relationships with entrepreneurs and other community-minded members like yourself. 

Read on to find out what this program has to offer, and if the fit would be right on both sides :)

What will you do?

  • Volunteer your time managing a growing local community by starting, participating, and moderating an active community.

  • Bring your community together with webinars and local meet-ups, encouraging members and local businesses to achieve more together.

  • Nominate standout professionals and local businesses that make an everyday impression.

  • Represent the voices of your community by sharing your community’s stories, tips, ideas and feedback to the Beespoke team.

    …and most importantly, help Beespoke create a world in which stronger communities work together to replace anonymous reviews!

Who are Community Leads?

Community Leads do not work for Beespoke and are not compensated in any way. They are simply engaged members who have been granted additional capabilities to help their Communities grow and run more smoothly.

  • Leads are passionate about experiences and are moved to share Beespoke's mission.

  • Leads are collaborative, supportive, empathetic and love bringing people together.

  • Leads have strong community ties and experience in group facilitation, leadership or community management.

There are several ways in which a member may be granted the Community Lead status:

  • By applying for Lead status of their Community and bringing together 10 verified members.

  • In nascent communities, by being active ambassadors working in collaboration with the Leads.

  • By sponsorship of existing Community Leads, based on their contribution and qualifications.

Beespoke also reserves the right to grant Lead status to members who hold real-world leadership positions within their Community (e.g. Parent Association, Neighborhood Association, Charity branch leaders, Neighborhood Watch Captains, etc.) or members who have made extraordinary contributions to the success and growth of their Community through quality contributions to discussions and member invitations.

What are the benefits?


  • Connect with like-minded community builders in a supportive group for Community Leaders

  • Be featured as an expert and leader in the Beespoke community and gain experience leading an influential community

  • Speaking opportunities during Community workshops, meet-ups, and more!

Special Access

  • Early access to product updates, Beespoke news and resources, and partner gifts

  • Monthly meet-ups with the Beespoke team in rotating neighbourhood institutions.

  • Brainstorm & Exchanges sessions for input and feedback on next strategic partnerships, product features, and growth hacking tricks

  • An open invite to Beespoke HQ and direct access to the Beespoke team – come visit us!

We’re looking forward to hearing from you!