A Small Coming of Age: Hively becomes Beespoke

Today, Hively becomes Beespoke.

Say hello to an update we've felt strongly about for some time. It marks the continued shift we committed to in building a platform that puts worker empowerment over quick platform gains, and continuity of care in place of instant gratification. Hively is now Beespoke - because each service professional is unique, and because needs vary from one household to the next. But read on for more.

Hively was born from the basic notion that society functions best when access to opportunity is shared. This belief doesn’t change. We’ll keep working on ways to raise standards, find solutions to employment precarity, and improve household well-being. We’ll still fight to ensure the needs and wants of the men and women that power the service economy are being met. Today’s announcement is merely the following: we're making this mission even more indelible, by opting for a name that will become an even more visible reminder of our reason to be.

Beespoke: A Short Explanation

We wanted to cement the idea that care providers deliver today’s true luxury: a perfect storm of creativity and dedication. And the fruit of their work is invaluable: continuity of care, delivered with a personal touch. 'Bespoke', as a synonym for 'tailor-made', celebrates this difference. Add the ‘e’ and you preserve the idea that this community of professionals - this Hive - is made of a pool of individuals with unique skills, experiences and talents. They care for households in a way that's all their own. So we think this new name reflects this mindset, and espouses our logo to perfection. Together, we hope they’ll make a strong illustration of the genuine customer-provider complicity that will drive this community.  

We’re a young team taking on a lofty challenge: we’re fighting against the rise of a disposable society. Throughout this effort, trial and error will force us to refine, redefine and improve our processes. And in more ways than one, our change of name is part of this process. It’s our coming of age, ahead of our impending launch. With our updated brand assets, we feel well-equipped to tackle our mission to improve work conditions and ensure job security, in a way that both feels, and acts right. To spread a little good. And to deliver care the way it should be delivered: ethically, and with heart.